Monday, September 23, 2013

Venice beach

My cousin was visiting from NYC last month, and I took her to Venice beach for a tour. I'd never really explored Venice beach myself, except walking on the boardwalk. So that was fun. It's amazing how much you can learn just by walking around, asking questions..We met some VB natives who owned shops there, many of them surprisingly didn't know where the "Starry night" mural was. We asked around, googled it, mapped it..still couldn't find it. Well, maybe next time. Our goal was to take photos in front of every beautiful mural we can find. Then we found a great organic place called #KreationCafe on #AbbotKinney, where we had kebabs for lunch. They also make amazing juices! I'm planning to check out Gjelina next time I'm in Venice. I've heard so much about that place, but never been. Overall, Venice beach is a great place to hang out. Very hippie (we also dressed for occasion), so I wouldn't live there, but still a nice place to spend time on the beach with your girlfriends and have some shopping on Abbot Kinney!

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